The effect of mistletoe therapy on tumour-related fatigue syndrome

As a result of cancer or the necessary chemotherapy, frequently a fatigue syndrome (cancer-related fatigue) develops, which is characterised by intense tiredness and listlessness and represents one of the most burdensome symptoms in cancer patients. Tiredness and exhaustion do not diminish even with sufficient sleep and can have a strong impact on life. 

A review evaluating various mistletoe study reveals that mistletoe therapy in addition to chemotherapy or best supportive care may improve fatigue symtpoms in cancer patients (82). In a systematic review from 2022 regarding the effect of mistletoe therapy on cancer-related fatigue, two meta-analyses – one with 12 randomised controlled trials and one with 7 non-randomised intervention studies – were conducted [314]. The results show that patients who received mistletoe therapy had a statistically significant reduction in cancer-related fatigue compared to the control group. The effect was comparable to other interventions such as physical activity, so that mistletoe therapy is recommended as another treatment method or as a supplement to physical activity, especially if medical treatment is required.


Last update: March 1st, 2023/ AT1

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