Mistletoe therapy for lung cancer

There are three studies that provide interesting evidence that add-on mistletoe therapy can significantly contribute to the improvement of quality of life and prolong survival also in this type of cancer.

In 2018 remarkable results have been published from a recent study in health care research [100]. It shows that patients with non-small-cell lung cancer survived significantly 9 months longer in the group which received chemotherapy plus add-on mistletoe therapy compared to patients who received chemotherapy alone. However, these findings still have to be confirmed in further studies. We have described this study in more detail in the "Scientific Information" section. 

The other studies showed that add-on mistletoe therapy can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy in patients with non-operable non-small cell lung cancer. You can view the details of these studies here and here


Last update: June 16th, 2020/AB

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