Mistletoe therapy for black skin cancer (malignant melanoma)

An epidemiological retrospective cohort study [138] on the use of mistletoe therapy in this type of cancer was published in 2005. It investigated the therapeutic efficacy and harmlessness of long-term mistletoe therapy with Iscador P in 686 patients with malignant melanoma at medium to high risk during aftercare compared to a control group that was only observed ("watchful waiting").

The  study showed mistletoe therapy can significantly prolong survival time during treatment and follow-up time. The main reason seems to be that mistletoe therapy lasts long enough (over one year. You can read more about this study here

Another study [119] showed that mistletoe therapy can significantly reduce the progression of skin cancer and significantly improve self-regulation. You can read more about this study here.


Last update: January 4th, 2021/AT

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