Mistletoe therapy in the Onkopedia guideline for oncological patients in Germany

The Onkopedia guideline concerning mistletoe therapy and complementary and alternative therapies, does currently not provide general recommendations for mistletoe therapy in oncology. However, in the course of updating the recommendations of the CAM Cancer Consortium it is currently being revised and updated [26]. 

However, it already cites 18 controlled clinical trials as the basis for the evidence that mistletoe extracts have a positive effect on quality of life during chemotherapy. In 7 of 14 of these studies a prolongation in survival was shown. 

The Onkopedia guideline was written as a translation of the evidence-based summaries of the European project "CAM Cancer". Initially funded by the European Commission under Framework Programme 5, CAM Cancer is now further supported by the Norwegian National Research Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NAFKAM), a non-profit organisation.

The scientifically presented monographs have been evaluated in the peer review process and afterwards, additionally, by a board of directors. The authors of the monograph on Viscum album L. are members of the CAM Cancer Consortium and the Competence Network Complementary Medicine in Oncology (KOKON) (see original monograph in English dated January 2015). The summary on mistletoe therapy is currently being updated by CAM Cancer. 


Last update: May 5th, 2023/ AT

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