Mistletoe therapy for liver cancer

For use in liver cancer (inoperable primary hepatocellular carcinoma) a study with 23 patients has been conducted [147]. The tumours were not operable and not accessible to any other therapy. Here abnobaVISCUM Fraxini was injected under the skin in high doses. Mistletoe therapy lasted between 3 and 152 weeks (median 17 weeks).

During this period, in three cases (13.1 percent) the tumours regressed completely and in two cases (8.1 percent), partially. In nine (39.1 percent) patients, the tumours continued to grow while nine (39.1 percent) patients were not evaluable because they had deceased. Two of the three patients with complete remission remained tumour-free after more than two (29 months) to three (38 months) years respectively until the publication of the study.

In the section "Scientific Information" we have presented the results of this study in detail.


Last update: December 18th, 2020/ AT

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