Mistletoe therapy for bone cancer

One study on this type of tumour has been conducted, which has been published in various scientific journals under different aspects in 2009 and 2014 [153, 154]. In this study patients with osteosarcoma (disease-free after resected second relapse) received either mistletoe therapy or chemotherapy with etoposide (common at the time) in order to compare whether disease-free survival after 12 month’s observation differed in both groups.

There was a remarkably large difference: In the 9 patients who received mistletoe therapy, it took an average of 39 months (more than three years) for a recurrence of the tumour, and four months in the patients treated with etoposide.

In the section "Scientific Information" we have presented the results of this study in detail. 


Last update: January 4th, 2021/AT

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