Iscucin® is produced by the company Wala in Eckwälden/Bad Boll. It is an aqueous extract of leaves, stems, sinkers and berries of mistletoe plants separated according to host tree. In this preparation too, summer and winter harvests are mixed and then diluted in steps of 20.

Iscucin® is available in the varieties Abietis (fir), Crategi (hawthorn), Mali (apple tree), Pini (pine), Populi (poplar), Quercus (oak), Salicis (willow) and Tiliae (lime).

The preparation is available in dilution series I and II with the concentrations coded with letters: A is the most diluted, H the most concentrated. The potency series I contain preparations of concentrations A to D, the series II preparations of concentrations D to G. Concentration H is only sold separately.


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