Anthroposophical mistletoe preparations

In Germany there are four different anthroposophical mistletoe preparations available:

  1. abnobaVISCUM®
  2. Helixor®
  3. Iscador®
  4. Iscucin®.

All mistletoe preparations are total extracts from the whole plant with various constituents.

All preparations are standardized in their manufacturing process ("process standardization") in order to ensure a largely constant amount of mistletoe ingredients. 

For the manufacturing process, the mistletoes are classified according to their host trees. The host tree on which the mistletoe used in the extract grows is indicated in the name of the preparation. The letter M thus means "malus" (L. = apple tree), P stands for "pinus" (L. = pine), A for "abies" (L. = fir), Qu for "quercus" (L. = oak), to name only the most important ones.

Mistletoe is harvested both in summer and in winter, taking into account the proportion of male and female plants. Depending on the company producing the mistletoe, the harvested material is processed using different methods, and mixed later.

The extracts are administered in series with increasing dosage, depending on the response of the patient. Mistletoe therapy is therefore always very individual and does not follow a general standard.


Last update: April 17th, 2020/AB

During the mistletoe harvest – here around the summer solstice – attention is also paid to the ratio of female to male mistletoe plants.

In winter, the mistletoe harvest is often a small adventure - especially when the lush bushes hang high up in the trees and can only be reached by a long ladder.

Mistletoe preparations are assembled in special serial packages in increasing doses or as sort packages with constant concentration. Doses range from low concentrations (e.g. 0.0001 milligrams for Iscador®) to high concentrations such as 100 milligrams of extract from 100 milligrams of fresh mistletoe plant in some preparations of Helixor® or 20 milligrams for some preparations of abnobaVISCUM® or Iscador®.

The selection of the type of host tree from which the mistletoe used in the extract should be taken depends on the constitution of the patient and the type of cancer. 


Last update: April 17th, 2020/AB

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