Effects of mistletoe therapy on quality of life

Mistletoe therapy helps to awaken and support the powers of recovery – the disease no longer seems insurmountable, life has a future again. Many clinical studies have shown that mistletoe therapy noticeably improves quality of life: 

  • Appetite returns. 
  • Weight increases – the body gains strength. 
  • Sleep improves. 
  • The susceptibility to infections subsides. 
  • The cold feeling with shivering and freezing, which often occurs with cancer, stops. 
  • Pain subsides. 
  • Performance increases. 
  • The mood brightens and depression subsides. 
  • Emotional stability grows. 
  • The fear of the illness, which often dominates thoughts and actions especially in the time following diagnosis, diminishes. 
  • It becomes easier to distance oneself from the “sword of Damocles cancer” and to concentrate on life itself instead. 
  • You are doing something to treat yourself and are no longer just the object of therapeutic measures. 
  • You are once again in a better position to make decisions and set priorities in your life. The disease no longer dominates your whole life. 
  • You come back to yourself and to what constitutes you and your path in life. 

You can find a detailed description of the studies on quality of life under mistletoe therapy under scientific information.


Last update: April 17th, 2020/AB

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