Hepatocellular cancer

Case 1: Hepatocellular cancer

Complete, durable remission of advanced hepatocellular cancer treated with Viscum album extracts

Orange M et al. 2022 [328]

A 51-year-old female patient with recurrent multifocal hepatocellular cancer (HCC) refused palliative treatment. Intravenous mistletoe therapy was administered in combination with intravenous hepatoprotective lornithine-L-aspartate. Quality of life and performance index improved, and after 3 months a significant regression was noted, and α-fetoprotein was within the normal range. Imaging 11 months later confirmed a complete remission. Treatments continue to date and remission has persisted for more than 5 years at the time of publication with unrestricted quality of life. The authors concluded, " Deep and durable regression of HCC, spontaneous or treatment associated, is extremely rare. In view of the close temporal relationship of regression and with renewed, multimodal VAE application presented here, the patient (NP) may have experienced a VAE-mediated disease response."


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