The correct storage of mistletoe preparations

Most mistletoe preparations (abnobaVISCUM0.02 - 20 mg, Helixor 0.01 - 0.1 mg, Iscador) are stored in the refrigerator at +2 to +8 °C (= 36 to 46 °F), best in the butter- or vegetable compartment. Before use, warm the ampoule in your hand slightly.

Iscucin and other concentrations of Helixor and abnobaVISCUM can also be stored at room temperature. 

For transport from the pharmacy to your home or while travelling, no cold chain is required for the temperature-sensitive products. The ampoules should preferably remain in the dark, i.e. in the box, so that the contents are not directly exposed to light.

Heat with temperatures above 25°C = 77°F (near heating, direct sunlight) should be avoided, as well as frost and cold below 4°C (= 39°F). When travelling by car, the boxes of ampoules should therefore not remain in the glove compartment. On planes they can be checked in or carried in the hand luggage (remember that the doctor should then certify that for medical reasons, you need to take the ampoules along because of the safety regulations for liquids and syringes).

In hotel rooms, the ampoules are best stored in the fridge (minibar) or in the bedside table. Inform hotel staff to avoid that the ampoules are mistakenly disposed of.


Last update: February 22nd, 2023/ AT1

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