Case 1

Long-term tumour-free survival in a patient with stage IV epithelial ovarian cancer undergoing high-dose chemotherapy and Viscum album extract treatment: a case report

Werthmann PG et al. 2019 [263]

A 50-year-old female patient with metastatic epithelial ovarian cancer received post-surgical subcutaneous mistletoe therapy in addition to high-dose chemotherapy and subsequent autologous stem cell transplantation. After termination of chemotherapy, mistletoe treatment was continued. After 20 years, the patient still has a good quality of life with no tumours. 


Last update: May 13th, 2020/AB

Case 2

Prolonged stabilization of platinum-refractory ovarian cancer in a single patient undergoing long-term mistletoe extract treatment: a case report  

Hwang WY et al. 2019 [262

A 47-year-old female patient with stage IVb platinum-refractory ovarian cancer has been progression-free after adjuvant mistletoe therapy for 42 months since initial diagnosis and 24 months since the last relapse.


Last update: May 13th, 2020/AB

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