Case reports on mistletoe therapy for oral cancer

Case 1: Tongue base cancer


Last update: November 25th, 2021/AT1

Case 1: tongue base cancer

Oral cancer therapy and immunological approaches – a role for dendritic cells?

Metelmann et al. 2012 [296]

Immunotherapy and immunosurveillance of oral cancers: perspectives of plasma medicine and mistletoe therapy

Metelmann et al. 2015 [297]

A 66-year-old patient was diagnosed with a poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma at the base of the tongue with lymph node involvement in 2007 (cT4a-b, cN2b, cM0). He refused surgery, chemo- or radiotherapy, but agreed to treatment with peritumoral injections of the mistletoe preparation abnobaVISCUM abietis 0.2 mg every two weeks, which started in November 2007. This led to a growth arrest of the lymph node metastases and a partial remission of the base of tongue cancer over a period of two years. While the tongue base cancer was still in partial remission, the patient presented in June 2009 with a second malignant tumour in the right kidney, which continued to grow rapidly and remained unaffected by mistletoe therapy.


Last update: November 25th, 2021/AT1

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