Mistletoe therapy for children

Anthroposophical mistletoe preparations are not approved anymore for the use in children since the study documentation - as with many other medical drugs, too - is not sufficient. In Germany, there is, however, more than 40 years of clinical experience  using mistletoe preparations in children and adolescents with haemato-oncological diseases, complementary to standard therapy [71]. 

In a prospective multicentre clinical study including 12 academic paediatric centres mistletoe therapy in children was shown to be well tolerated and safe in use. Furthermore, there was no evidence that the additionally applied mistletoe therapy negatively influenced the prognosis and course under conventional therapy [169].

Many parents do not want their child to experience even more pain through the subcutaneous application of a mistletoe preparation. Clinical experience shows, however, that the minimally painful stimulus of a subcutaneous injection is also acceptable for small children, provided that doctors and parents encourage this form of application. Today, short and very thin (30 G) needles are available for injection, which can be handled well by parents.

The Department of Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine at the Community Hospital Herdecke (Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Herdecke) is a paediatric oncology centre and works within the national network of the Society for Paediatric Oncology/Haematology (GPOH). In addition to conventional therapy based on national treatment guidelines, the therapy is supplemented with pharmacological and non-pharmacological integrative medical interventions, mainly with means and procedures from anthroposophic medicine. These include anthroposophical medications, especially mistletoe preparations, as well as other non-drug therapies such as eurythmy therapy, music, painting and sculpture therapy, and external nursing applications such as embrocations and compresses. This focus makes the department the largest integrative medical centre for children in Europe.

Last update: December 18th, 2020/ AT

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